The Wise Magazine

For one of the first posts here, I’d like to give a mention to the The Wise, a bi-monthly,¬†metaphysically-oriented magazine that I’ve been working on as the English editor for some months now.

The Wise is the English version of the national Turkish magazine, and it aims to help people on their quests for self-discovery by providing content-rich articles from some of Turkey’s leading writers on spiritually-focused matters. The land of Anatolia is packed with the history of the many civilizations that settled there and, according to recent archaeological discoveries, could well be birthplace of civilization itself. This helps the magazine bring a new dimension to spiritual matters by taking this ancient wisdom and helping us incorporate it into our modern lives.

The magazine is distributed through and for Kindle-based readers and includes a 14-day, risk-free trial period. You can also check out the magazine’s website for older issues as well as other articles not published in the magazine itself.




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